Perhaps it’s hormones. Perhaps it’s an unusually difficult week.  Perhaps it’s the intensity in the world right now that seems to be affecting everyone.  Or, perhaps it’s just this time of year… whatever it is, I feel deeply affected by fall, and it seems each year I find more and more significance in the falling leaves.  So beautiful, the most beautiful ever, but… dying.  Soon we will give thanks for all our loved ones, and soon after that we will celebrate the greatest gift ever received.  But today, as I watched the last of the fallen leaves, I was overcome by my own wretchedness… not because I am really just a wreck, but because I am so loved and cherished and blessed even though I don’t deserve it.  I have experienced various life’s challenges this week that have tried to crush me and convince me that I am either crazy or that I have no hope.  But then, I am told by those who really love me that there IS hope, there ALWAYS is hope, and that I am not crazy (yet).  Even as the leaves are falling and the trees look dead, in fact, the trees are deeply alive, all the way down to the deep roots.  They are just in a period of renewal…

And so, as I had these thoughts this morning, I couldn’t help but express my thoughts into a poem…  I hope this helps you if you have felt low, abandoned, hopeless, overwhelmed… or just plain: FALLEN

sifted through the dirt
beauty barely seen
by those who would trample
perfectly formed
orange leaf
thinking it dead
no potential left…
But NO!
Not yet!
It is still soft
and longs for your delight
careful inspection
causing a smile
though barely clinging to life
it is more beautiful than ever…
Please hold it
hold me
though I am fallen.
Copyright 2010 Shalimar Masters

9 thoughts on ““Fallen…”

  1. How appropriate a poem for me today as I realize my stepfather is taking a turn for the worse in his fight against cancer and I ponder how I’m going to handle the coming months.


  2. Aw, Ted…this is so sweet! Whatever else may have happened, there is no denying, we have had a glorious fall. My heart is also touched by leaves. I don’t think of myself AS one…but I like to wade through them…they’re like God’s currency…He’s got so much, it’s just lying on the ground…each one is a masterpiece flung down…leaves once too high and lofty to touch or even see can now be held, turned, examined, marveled at, heard, experienced, discarded, remembered…Yes, they are beautiful in their death…the slower it is, the more brilliant the transformation. The trees happily discard these treasures, so certain are they of the coming Spring.


    1. What the… ??? Man, this is the most beautiful poem I have ever read about fall! In my comment box! OK, if you don’t copyright this, I will! I step aside graciously, and give you the ‘teacher look’ to get working on your published postry book. NOW!!! 😉


    1. Hi Jackie… Thanks! Wow, I just went to your blog and it is PACKED! 😉 I think I could become a theologian if I read more of it! I would love to link to you… Many blessings! ~shalimamma


  3. I really needed this tonight, i know it’s from a year ago but, I really needed this.
    My beloved had an episode on Friday that left the house overturned and my heart in knots.
    He and I picked up the peices and I dared him to tell me I was strong enough to handle him…
    By the Grace of God I am.
    Even through the Bipolar fog, I saw that he still loves us… He still wants to fight. I think about the ugliness of depression and bipolar disorder and the horrors that can result… and yet there are the moments, the glimmers of hope and love that shine through, like the leaves…. The beauty fades but is renewed after a rest in the spring…Pray for us Shalimamma, we’ll keep praying for you and yours too…


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