An excuse…

Well, hi, there!  It’s really bad when I start to wonder where I have been on my own blog…. yikes!  But I have a good excuse! Really!  I promise!  We started a goat milk share business and established our farm as a business where we can officially offer soaps and beeswax candles, and I just HAD to build a website, of course!  I thought the side bar on this blog was sorta kinda useful, but, um… it left a lot to be desired… so (drumroll please): I introduce to you!  There you can find all the soaps (with better pictures, an introduction to goat milk and our farm, and… well, I haven’t gotten to the beeswax candle page yet (that whole time thing 😉 but we have 100% beeswax Advent candles as well as natural tapers…  Please feel free to check it all out!

Next time I spend so long away from my blog, I guess I need to come up with another excuse… hmmmm… I’ll be working on one 😉


One thought on “An excuse…

  1. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…7 children. Yiiiss, bt Sivin! No excuses necessary. Hey, congrats on your new business! I think those candles are beautiful!


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