Since you asked… ;)

… and since I haven’t had the energy yet to launch a whole other blog for Victory Ranch yet, I thought I should let you know how you can acquire some of our homemade luxury soaps!

I’ve had quite  few questions from people asking, how do I buy those?

Well, in answer to your question, it’s real easy!!

First: the price. 

Your first sample is always complimentary (read that: free)

 $3.95 per soap if you buy less than ten.

BUT WAIT!!!  Act now and…

Just kidding!  😉  If you would like a bulk amount, 10 or more are $3.50 apiece.  And if you want a super huge amount and have a retail store, please contact me personally at my email to get a quote.   Also, we know this is a tight time financially for many people… we love to barter!  So if you are entrepreneurs like ourselves over here at Victory Ranch and have a clever idea, send it on over and we’ll work something out!

Sales pitch:  I guarantee, you won’t be disappointed with the soaps!  They are not your grocery store types, and are good for the most sensitive skin including newborns’, leave very little residue (we actually have had NO soap residue in the shower for the year we’ve been using them), and are enriched with all kinds of vitamins.  We have very sensitive skin in our family (myself included) and I hadn’t even used actual soap for years… until this kind.  We make it right here by hand on our farm, using fresh goats milk from our own hand-milked dairy goats, all-natural essential oils, and rich olive oil.   Another factor is we specialize in “Catholic themed” soaps, and have a crucifix and mother and child mold, which are excellent for gifts for priests and seminarians.

Please email me if you are interested in purchasing any of these!  You can pay through paypal and I can ship them to you, or we can meet in person if you live in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas…  Just let me know if you would like a sample!

What’s coming in the near future: handmade Catholic themed pure beeswax candles, handspun wool from sheep on our farm, and hand-woven material from wool grown on our farm.  All in my extreme amount of spare time, of course.  😉

Many blessings,



4 thoughts on “Since you asked… ;)

  1. Hey, Shalimama! Do you keep bees? I was wondering because you mentioned the candles. We are thinking of keeping bees, but don’t know if it is possible outside the tree line. I have seen bumble bees out here, but not honey bees. I was hoping that would change if we fostered more wildflowers on our land.


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