Soaps, soaps, and more soaps!

I guess I haven’t been COMPLETELY slacking…  With the arrival of baby goats, and therefore their mothers’ milk, I have started replenishing our home made soap inventory!  Our favorites?  We love the crucifix and the mother and child soaps…


7 thoughts on “Soaps, soaps, and more soaps!

  1. They look good enough to eat! Seriously they remind me of maple sugar cakes and oatmeal cookies (before you cook ’em). What scents did you do this time?


  2. There are rose with rose petals, lavender with lavender leaves, clove and cinnamon, and sweet spring orange… all with natural essential oils! They do smell wonderful… thanks for asking! 😉


  3. Shalimama, it says on your side bar to look at soap shapes and forms on this page before clicking Paypal to order, but I can only see the crucifix and rose forms clearly. Would you be able to take a clear shot of each form available, along with what it is called, so we know what we are ordering? Thanks!


  4. Hello, Kitty! (I like saying that!) Yes, I wish I had gotten to taking a picture of each soap this week, but we have been preparing all week for ‘homeschool farm day’ today and I haven’t had the chance… sorry about that! Wish I had that staff of people like A&M has that take pictures of things… This link here:
    will give you an idea of some of the molds. There are more and different colors than you see, but as soon as I get a spare moment, I will put up all the shapes for everyone to see. That will be my next project! Also, the baby in the bassinet shape is sold out currently…


  5. Oh those are great pictures! I am sorry I didn’t see those. I assumed that since that post was from October that you meant for us to look at the newer post. They are beautiful.


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