Happy Easter!! (I’m still slacking ;)

We hope you had a wonderful Easter… and are still enjoying the Easter Season!  My brain wants to post something clever every day… but alas, my 7 months pregnant body is rebelling, mainly with nap-taking.  I have a few things in the works, so hopefully I will be posting soon…  Perhaps I will write a meditation on what we WANT to do compared to what REALLY is possible within our vocations…

Corey and I have actually been spending time on building up our marriage, so I guess I don’t need to feel too guilty!  This is good, so that when we continue our love story, we know we are still living it and not passing on a fairy tale story while behind doors we throw tomatoes at each other!  God has been doing a lot with us in the past couple of months… not without suffering and challenges (do those ever go away?) but with tremendous growth… more to come on this later…

In the meantime, we send our Easter wishes for a joyous spring to you…

Please share your thoughts!

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