The Accent in a Baby’s Cry…

This was emailed to me today, and I thought it was fascinating!

Amazing: Newborn babies cry with their mother’s accent!

I love picking up stories that reveal the humanity of unborn babies.

I’ve blogged before about the scientific studies which reveal that babies begin forming memories in the womb.

Now a new study shows that babies, even before they are born, are learning how to talk just like their mothers sound.

Look at the extract of the scientific findings:

“In the first days of their lives, French infants already cry in a different way to German babies…
In this study, the scientists compared recordings of 30 French and 30 German infants aged between two and five days old. While the French newborns more frequently produced rising crying tones, German babies cried with falling intonation.

The reason for this is presumably the differing intonation patterns in the two languages, which are already perceived in the uterus and are later reproduced.”
Or to put it in simple English: before they are even born, babies start learning from their mommies.


This article was written by Elizabeth Wisniewski

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