Relentless Pursuit… Part XIV

The mission I had applied for in Florida didn’t accept people without Bachelor’s degrees.  And so I thought, maybe this is a sign I should stay in England and go to Oxford…

But after several interviews, the director decided to make an exception in my case and invited me to interview personally in Orlando to see if I was a good fit.  I was honored and overjoyed.  There was a strange sense of ‘rightness’ with this job, and I could hardly resist it, even though I couldn’t be sure I would be hired.

But… what of my boyfriend?  Oxford?

In that same week, I found out that I was also accepted to Oxford to begin midwifery school.  Interestingly, my boyfriend’s family all of a sudden warmed up to me again, issuing apologies, and began inviting me back.  It made sense… I would be on a similar career track with my boyfriend, and I wouldn’t need to worry about anything financially, as his wealthy family would take care of me.

On the other hand, I could also go to an interview in Florida with $50 in my pocket and see if I wouldn’t be homeless.

Hmmm… decisions, decisions…  one that makes sense, and one that is insane…

You can guess which one I chose…

…to be continued…

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