Cool pumpkins and good friends

Check out these amazing pumpkins my kids carved:

Oct 2009 061


And this awesome one of a preborn child!

Oct 2009 062


I know what you’re thinking… after handsewing intricate Halloween costumes for the kiddos, completing 3 standardized tests, cleaning the house, and making pumpkin pie from the carved pumpkins’ filling, I carved these pumpkins with the littles…

Ha ha ha ha!!!!  (Belly laugh!)

No… actually, I had bought the pumpkin carving kit and it had stared ominously at me for several weeks on the kitchen counter.  Several times, I had tried to hide it so that I didn’t have to look at it, in hopes that the kids would forget about the whole pumpkin carving thing, even though we also purchased little pumpkins for each child.  I thought, if they ask, maybe they can draw faces on them with crayons.

They didn’t forget, however… and I was at a loss for where I would fit pumpkin mess into my day.  Several days.  I envisioned pumpkin mess on top of the already three weeks worth of dirt on the floor, and the thought was as scary as a Halloween movie.

And then a friend offered, “Come carve them at our house!  We’ll help!”

A huge ray of light streamed from heaven, complete with angelic music… and I could once again prove that I could look like I had it all together, at least to the kids.

So the truth is, the mess went on my friend’s floor, and she and her delightful teens did most of the carving, while I encouraged from a distance.

Oct 2009 051

Oct 2009 053

Talk about a blessing!

It’s so awesome when we can help carry one another’s burdens.

Or pumpkins.


Happy All Hallow’s Eve!!



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