Relentless Pursuit… Part VII

And so by now, I realized, that dream of all dreams, this young man was actually going to be an employee of the nursing home.  He was preparing for medical school, and so it made since to immerse himself in the field of medicine before going off to university.  This earned my respect, as opposed to any other type of reason a single male would even want to work in such a place.  Plus, the fact that he didn’t look or act like other British men…  There was something different about him…

The ladies swooned over him.  They took him in like a son, and drooled when they talked about him during ‘report’… there was a new excitement on the ward, and everyone seemed to enjoy when he would show off his latest tan which he acquired on his latest exotic vacation.

I myself, tried to not really be interested in him.  Plus, I was American and nothing special, and there were a few other single beautiful British girls that worked with us.  I usually played it cool anyway, because I never wanted to actually pursue a boy of any kind.  I felt they should pursue me.  And in this case, it was probably not worth thinking about.

Strangely, the older ladies kept pairing him and me together to do the shift work.  It felt partly like a dream, and I started to enjoy work, especially not having to be with some gossipy woman all the time.  He played it cool, too, and we simply got the job done and joked around here and there.  Nothing spectacular, but a nice break from home, and it gave me a little part of my life to look forward to.

One night our shift was having a ‘night out on the town’ at a club, and I was invited to join them.  I felt warmed at the thought that I was included in something, and had never been to a ‘club’ before.  And so I looked forward to this new experience, with the hopes of having a good time, but also with the hopes that I would finally be accepted at work.

Little did I know, that night at the club would change my life dramatically…

…to be continued…

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