Soap from the Farm!

Welcome to my kitchen, where there aren’t a lot of gourmet foods being made… OK, there aren’t ANY gourmet foods being made.  But we have managed to whip up some fresh goat milk and luxury oils, take over the whole kitchen, and make some soap from scratch!

October 2009 022

The first thing I discovered about making soap is that it takes several weeks to ‘cure’ (or ‘saponify’ for all you chemists out there. 😉 )   Here is one of my first batches waiting to be cured inside the wooden soap loaf molds…

September - October 2009 068

After 48 hours insulated in the wood, the soap loaf is ready to be removed and ‘sliced’ into individual bars…

September - October 2009 067

They are then kept in a box to cure for another 3 or 4 weeks…

September - October 2009 066

And then you have your final product, a gentle, luxurious bar of soap with all the readily absorbent vitamins and nutrients of goat’s milk!

September - October 2009 074

I also experimented with a bunch of different soap molds.  Here are a few examples!

October 2009 019

October 2009 020

October 2009 024

October 2009 017

October 2009 011

September - October 2009 042

Oops… had to sneak in that cute baby picture…

October 2009 010

These next soaps are good ‘manly man’ soaps… made from cloves, honey, and orange essential oils…

October 2009 009

October 2009 016

October 2009 004

Hope you enjoyed this little soap journey!  There are much more to come from Victory Ranch… stay tuned!



9 thoughts on “Soap from the Farm!

  1. Great website Shalimar! You need to bottle up you energy and sell it to the rest of us (along with a basket of soap!!) In all seriousness, send us a batch of soap, and a bill when you get around to it. Cheers, John!!!


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