Hope of a Baby…

This beautiful collection of thoughts was sent to me today by a dear friend, who is courageously sharing her unique and honest perspective as a mother.  She illustrates with this meditation very clearly what Life Victorious is all about… very real, but always with a thread of hope.  Thank you, ‘real mama’, for being our first guest author!

The hope of a baby.

What does that mean? Am I talking about hoping to have a baby?

Well, I would like a baby, and perhaps God will give me one in my advanced maternal age, but that’s not what I mean right now.

I’m talking about a grandchild.

It’s my hope that my expecting grandchild is being sent to us to save our son.  This baby has potential.  Potential to change the world.  To change hearts.  To change the situation.  And to break hearts as well.  It is my hope that it will bring about the changes that I could not. I could not in the many, many hours of talking.  I could not in prayer.  I just could not change the direction my son took.   It was too late.  He chose to walk away from his family, his blessed Mother, and the man that died for him. It was a slow and painful departure.  It started early and was gradual.  I could hardly see what was happening until it was too late.

But is it too late? NEVER.  Are my prayers unanswered?  I don’t know but I have hope.  This baby gives me more hope. You see, it’s from God.   It’s a gift that many of us get in life and don’t realize where it comes from or how much it will change everything.  I have hope in this baby.

~real mama

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