Untimely Fall Harvest…

This year, we were privileged to learn some very important lessons on a local farm.  The freeze came unexpectedly early this year, taking out a huge percentage of the farmer’s crops.  The corn was halted from growing any further, even though it was only a week away from full ripeness, as the leaves prematurely shriveled, cutting off nutrients to the vegetables and making the garden “done for this year”…

But all was not lost!  We were able to glean some veggies that had ripened and survived, and so it became like a treasure hunt to see what we could find, and what was still edible.

The littles and I learned how to tell a ripened corn from one that wasn’t.  So many times, we ‘peaked’ to see if it was a good one…

September - October 2009 150

September - October 2009 149

September - October 2009 148

September - October 2009 151

September - October 2009 152

It was amazing that even our toddler who is only two learned to tell ripe corn from unripe corn so quickly!

Then came the potato digging, which of course, the boys were in heaven with, especially one particular boy below…

September - October 2009 154

September - October 2009 155

What a great experience!  We all had a blast, and it felt like a truly wholesome school day.

One thought on “Untimely Fall Harvest…

  1. We heard a heavy frost was coming so, Daniel got his GIANT pumpkins in just in time…we had them at Jessie’s Country Jamboree…I’ve gotta get some pics of them, they are huge! They were almost lost in the hail storms! They’ll be great for my pumpkin pies and pumpkin bread!

    The funnest thing…frost on the longhorns!! What a sight!


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