Shear delight… sort of.

After nearly 6 months of being a sheep-herd (I just can’t adjust to the word ‘shepherd’ yet) I finally decided it was time to get out my shiny new pair of sheep shears and get cuttin’.  I read my sheep book, and practiced on the llama and the lamb first, poor dears.  I awarded them grain for their humiliation at the hands of an amateur like myself.  So then it was time to shear our Lincoln sheep who has gorgeous soft wool.

First, here is Blanca before she is sheared…September - October 2009 006

Then I began!  Luckily, I experimented on a poor sweet gullible lamb before her…

September - October 2009 009

And here is my first real bag of lovely wool, ready for spinning!

September - October 2009 011

I must say, Blanca did wonderfully, for being our most intelligent sheep…

well, if there is such a thing.

Here, she is, all nice and sheared…

September - October 2009 023

I did learn one very important lesson from my first shearing, (which took 5 hours, by the way)

besides that I developed a new bond with the sheep…

Hire the shearing next time.


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