Can you match this for cuteness?

September - October 2009 089

Come on, I know you can!!!

Perhaps this is really weird of me, but I think crying baby pictures are adorable.  I liked this one of ‘Babydoll’ better than the ones where she was smiling.

And so I am inviting YOU to share an adorable crying baby picture!

Join in!


4 thoughts on “Can you match this for cuteness?

  1. I have an adorable crying picture of my daughter I have to find for you. She was 3 at the time and is now 9. We were living in Destin Florida and a lady that published a kids magazine called Kidz on the Coast asked me if I knew anyone that had a picture of their crying toddler for a helmet safety article in her magazine. Well I said let me talk to Lauren and my daughter Lauren said “mom everytime you get mad at me I cry so if you yell at me you’ll for sure have a crying picture”. So I proceeded to say Lauren I can’t beleive you did that to your brother I’m so disappointed in you and sure enough big huge alligator tears fell from her eyes and I sat her next to her bike which made a beautiful full page crying photo of a three year old. We live in Sedona, AZ. nowand on rosary Sunday yesterday we added a 6th decade of the rosary for unborn babies. I’ve prayed in front of an abortion clinic in Pensacola and here but my non Catholic husband forbids me to bring my children. My daughter really wants to go. Do you bring your kids? peace and blesssings, Pam Malmgren Love your cying photos and am happy to hear other mom’s that are pro-life.


  2. Pam, I’m so glad you found my blog! We used to live in Pensacola, and also used to pray outside the abortion clinic there! What years were you there? I would love for you to send in your ‘crying baby’ picture… Keep in touch! God bless! 🙂


  3. This is ADORABLE!! Try getting some of “sleeping at the dinner table” babies! I’ve got some really funny ones of mine when they were little. Also an adorable shot is when they fall asleep during rosaries…truly heavenly pictures!
    Mine would get upset that they fell asleep, so I told them that their guardian angel would finish the prayer for them at the foot of the throne of God!


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