A Hard Battle Part IV

Seventh grade.

Just those two words can make many grown-ups cringe, and feel a strange sense of relief that no matter how old we are now, at least we are not 12 or 13.

For any of us, it could be memories of the seemingly never-ending battle with acne.  It could be raging ridiculous hormones that we can’t explain, but if we are female, they cause us to burst into tears at a moment’s notice.  I’m not so sure what males go through since I was too focused on myself and my girl friends to notice, except that I am sure it has something to do with raging hormones.  Obviously.

Some of us were over-developed or in my case, under-developed (or so we all thought), and I spent much of my time hiding in a corner of the locker room where we all would change after P.E. so that no one notice that I still looked like a nine year old.  Thankfully, my best friend was just as skinny, if not skinnier than I was, and we huddled together to protect ourselves from those super girly girls that neither of us quite related to.  We were much more interested in computer games and our innocent boy crushes than whoever was famous and how much makeup we should wear.

My best friend was a comfort to me, opposite and complimentary to my personality, and as I would learn years later when we reunited, she was the female version of my husband.  She, too, had a deep spirituality and wasn’t shallow like the other girls.  She was down to earth and wasn’t vain, and was confident.  What is amazing is how we became friends.

Her last name began with ‘W’ and my last name began with ‘Z’.  So the teachers always sat us together, whether we liked it or not, because alphabetically it made sense for the roll call.  I think in the end, after 5 or so years, we finally gave up and figured it made sense to be friends.  I enjoyed our exclusive friendship and our closeness, and the way we stuck together despite whatever drama was going on in the classroom.

And then there was Jane.

Jane always wanted my best friend to be HER best friend, and was competitive.  I wasn’t worried, though, because she was seriously girly and I thought my friend would never take her seriously.

Until one day, I went to where my friend was so that I could join her in line.

And that is when she said a phrase to me that cut me to the core, but became a life lesson…

…to be continued…


4 thoughts on “A Hard Battle Part IV

  1. For me the battle was 5th grade through 7th. It was a time that I would pray every night to God to take me to heaven. I wanted to die, although suicide was not even remotely in my mind. I just wanted God to spare me another day of facing mean girls who would literally walk on me and kick me at school.

    I, too, had a friend that was opposite to me in just about every way, except that neither of us was interested in whatever fads were popular among the “elite.” I was “over-developed” physically, she was skinnier than a fishing rod. I came from a family deeply rooted in the Faith, she came from a broken home where her father was not present and her mother had many boyfriends. We became best friends and stayed close throughout high school.

    Because we didn’t play the games that the other girls played, and because our parents sheltered us (in a good way), we were labeled “gay” by the cheerleader and quarterback crowd. It made us sad then, but I look back and thank God that He protected our innocence.


  2. Kitty, I can so relate to the torture at school! I didn’t cover much of it in my story yet because it will come in later postings, but I am so glad you shared a tidbit of what you went through at school. I am laughing out loud about ‘skinnier than a fishing rod’!!! That is hilarious! 🙂 Yes, it is interesting to look back and see how God really sheltered us during those fragile times. At the time, it seemed like hell on earth, but really, God had such an amazing plan in store for us. I would love to hear more of your story (hint, hint) 😉


  3. Hee hee… yes, there is way more to this story… if only there had been a THREE hour time change 😉 I’m finishing up a new series coming out after the conversion story is through, and THEN I should get back to this one! Maybe I could squeeze in a few more chapters here, though…


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