Should I crop this kid?

Easter 2009 …. or show you how Easter morning really was at our house this year?

I found this picture while digging around files and files on my computer, and thought, “YES!  This sums up Life Victorious!”

Got any you would like to share?   🙂

P.S.  That smile on my face was incredibly fake.  I should have won an Emmy.


8 thoughts on “Should I crop this kid?

  1. I just think that’s the most hilarious picture. BTW, you didn’t need to mention that your smile was fake. No real mother would have a REAL smile with an unhappy little boy in her lap. Your make up, however, is impeccable. And this reminds me rather of our Lord… *looks around nervously*


  2. HYSTERICAL! I have more photos like that than I care to remember!! One comes to mind….oldest child’s First Communion morning. Crabby husband (and that is an understatement if I can still remember it to this day!), sick third child (he had just come out of the hospital and was still on oxygen at night, hence NO sleep for me) and tons of family around to celebrate when all I wanted to do was sleep. Oh my, I can so relate as can all mothers I’m sure.


  3. Now there’s a picture. Motherhood at its finest…. I love it! Shal you are so beautiful and your kids are so sweet. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one that struggles for big events. You should have seen what it took for us to get to the church for Catalina’s baptism! lol!


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