This Little Chicken Went to Market… Part I

April - May 2009 344

OK, so really, this is ridiculous.  I mean, 2 years ago my hubby and I were crunching numbers in an office doing people’s mortgages and selling their homes in pressed professional attire, and, I actually blow dried my hair and put on makeup.  We had nannies watching our children and lived near a golf course.

Now, we live on a farm, and we are lucky to get showers, and have even started to not notice the ‘farm smell’… although some kind friends have reminded us of it lest we should drive into town with ‘farm smelling’ clothes and innocent grins on our faces.  Chickens are a normal part of our life, as well as sheep, goats, horses, a llama, and livestock guardian dogs (dogs that work for a living).  And all of this within the last 6 months.

Sometimes I look around the beautiful prairie and think, how on earth did I arrive here?  And so quickly?  And so seemingly randomly?

Ah, where to begin…

…to be continued…


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